What We Do

SSG is in the business of strategic brand and reputation management. 
We are dedicated to providing creative, confidential, and effective public positioning and solutions.

Decision-Maker Strategy & Counseling
The public brand, profile, or reputation of an organization is defined by its leadership.

SSG works with CEOs, GMs, or other organizational leaders to promote and protect their personal, as well as corporate, interests. We work with decision-makers to create strategies that reflect the unique character and identity they want to express publicly. SSG helps decision-makers be better leaders, through confidential strategy sessions, speech or statement writing, presentation and media training.

Reputation Management
Nothing is more important to a person or an organization than a good name. We help individuals and organizations define themselves in the most positive and effective ways, to better promote, protect, or position their public interests.

SSG helps develop the smart, sound and consistent strategies that tell your own story your own way. We believe reputations should never be defined by a competitor, a foe, or an uncharacteristic bad day or decision.

Brand & Profile Building
Every person, organization, and cause has its own special identity – or brand and profile. SSG works with clients to help them pinpoint their strongest character traits, unique histories, public record, best practices, points of distinction, and direct value to their communities.

We help public audiences understand why your entities and your stories matter. We help clients mold a public identity and present it in the most effective way.

Issue & Advocacy Campaigns
At some point virtually every industry, business, NGO, or constituency needs to publicly promote or protect its interests. We work with clients to prepare their strongest arguments and defenses.

Utilizing incisive research, legislative and executive insider experience, extensive media knowledge, and years of hands-on, roll-up-your sleeves, never-say-die campaigning, SSG finds the ways to win.

Communications & Media Relations
There is no substitute in communications for authenticity.  We work with individuals and organizations to find the voice or message that cuts through the clutter of media chatter.  We always work to marry our experience, reputation, and resources with those already existing with the client.

Whether it’s teaming with clients to create strategies and collateral material, developing media targets and lists, working the phones, drafting specialized opinion pieces, talking points, or fact sheets, SSG makes certain client messages are the most compelling in the marketplace.