Who We Are

SSG is a select group of creative professionals with extensive public experience as campaign and issues strategists, journalists, PR executives, multi-media project producers, researchers, speechwriters, ghostwriters, government officials, business managers, and policy advocates.
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``Every client is different and has a unique story to tell, and we love to help them craft the best ways to express themselves — compellingly.``
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Senior Vice President
“I was passionate about journalism and writing. But, I’m even more passionate about advocating for issues, people, organizations and causes I believe in.”
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Senior Vice President & Chief of Sports Strategy
``I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some of the most driven, committed and talented people across a spectrum of brand powerhouses.``
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Managing Director
“Being creative and a life-long sports fan, SSG not only allows me to work with dream clients, but I’m also lucky to be surrounded by fun, talented colleagues every day.”
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Media Relations Associate
“Call me an idealistic millennial, but I believe that it doesn’t always have to be the loudest, biggest, or wealthiest voice that gets heard every time; I love the challenge of proving that wrong with creative strategies and compelling stories”