Alina Butareva

Media Relations Associate

“Call me an idealistic millennial, but I believe that it doesn’t always have to be the loudest, biggest, or wealthiest voice that gets heard every time; I love the challenge of proving that wrong with creative strategies and compelling stories”

Alina Butareva primarily does research and media monitoring for SSG, keeping the team on top of any current client news, issues and trends.  While having the best information is an obvious part of crafting the right message, Alina also understands that where it’s coming from — whether The New York Times or Snapchat — is equally important.

After a diverse range of internships around DC, Alina came to SSG because she realized that there are few things as exciting as taking someone’s great idea and helping them position it in an original way — as well as to learn from the best in the business.

She was born in Russia but considers herself a native Washingtonian and is highly interested in politics, pop culture, sports, and social justice — particularly when they intersect.