Sanderson Strategies Group loves a success story.  We believe even the toughest public challenges are opportunities for clients to evolve, take charge of a debate, transform organizational culture, transition through difficulties to make positive change and propel a narrative that better reflects who they are and who they want to be.  Our aim is to put clients in the public driver’s seat and, in the process, protect and promote their reputation. We treat each client as if they were our only one, and pull out all the stops to make them the most successful they can be.


We embrace strategies that inspire action, defy convention, influence outcomes and drive conversations. We stretch the limits of innovation and communications. We believe there is no old versus new media — there is only constantly evolving media. And it demands vivid messages, eye-popping imagery and the skills to get clients noticed by the audiences, stakeholders and decision-makers they most want to reach.


We make your concerns our concerns. SSG professionals have the experience and wisdom to help clients identify and respond to any public challenge. We value building relationships based on confidentiality and hands-on counsel, advice, and execution.  We believe that everyone has the right to shape their own story their own way, and our job is to find the smartest way to do it. Our work hours are your work hours. And, our job is to be on your side.


We take our clients and their causes very personally. We can do that because we are small and our clients are select. We always collaborate, never dictate. We know some client causes and issues can be deeply personal. Others can make or break reputations. We are an advocate and ally through even the worst crisis, embracing each challenge with compassion and sensitivity. We are proud that many of our clients become friends, and we have worked together for years, if not decades.