The Hill Op-Ed: Shut down America’s bird death traps

By David Yarnold — More than a century ago, one of the greatest threats to America’s birds was the fashion industry, which slaughtered as many as 200 million birds every

Huff Post Op-Ed: Puffin Wintering Grounds Need To Be Protected

By David Yarnold, President, National Audubon Society — A long-running mystery in the bird world has been solved: Where do the little clown-faced Atlantic Puffins go when they leave their

Nat Geo: Chefs See an Olympic Opportunity for Rainforest Preservation

Showcasing the unique foods of the Amazon this month, Brazilian chefs draw attention to the value of saving rainforest culture. By April Fulton – There are thousands of fruits, vegetables,

Fast Company: India Just Planted Nearly 50 Million Trees In 24 Hours

One of the most important climate change strategies is also the most low-tech. If the trees survive. By Adele Peters – India is home to 10 cities that are smoggier

Green Biz: Audubon’s upward digital journey: CEO David Yarnold

By Elsa Wenzel — The Audubon Society appears to be doing everything right in social media and marketing. It’s got apps, maps, a buzz on social media, an engaging website

Rainforest to Table, el movimiento culinario que busca salvar el Amazonas

Por: Mariana Camacho — Algunos chefs de América Latina participarán en la edición 2016 del Festival de las Ideas de Aspen , el próximo 24 y 25 de junio, para

Fox 8 NO: For the Birds: Audubon LA creates innovative coastal restoration efforts to save its land

(WVUE) – By John Snell — Spring brings a population explosion to Louisiana’s beaches, marshes and swamps from thousands of pelicans building nests on barrier islands to pink roseate spoonbills

Huff Post/Audubon: Crowdsourcing Science in Just 15 Minutes

By David Yarnold, President, National Audubon Society — How has the most powerful El Niño in nearly two decades and the extraordinary weather patterns it spawned this winter affected birds?

Reuters Q&A: How citizen scientists are transforming conservation

In this piece, we hear from the head of one of the oldest and most respected conservation groups on the planet about how technology, citizen science and new models for Missing the Peace for the Trees

BY ARTHUR BLUNDELL, EMILY HARWELL — Natural resources play a role in nearly half of the world’s conflicts, but when it comes to ending wars, they’re almost always forgotten. It has Elections and Economy Offer Challenges to Fundraisers in 2016

By Heather Joslyn — Twice during the most recent year-end giving season, fundraisers at the National Philanthropic Trust, which solicits and manages donor-advised funds, started the paperwork for incoming gifts it