Victory for forests: Rosewood gets enhanced protection at wildlife summit

Shreya Dasgupta — All rosewood species that belong to Dalbergia genus have been placed under CITES protection in an attempt to clampdown on the billion-dollar illegal rosewood trade. The multi-billion-dollar

Rare Wood Rules Tightened; to What Avail?

BY ZSOMBOR PETER — Delegates at a major international conference to regulate the trade of endangered species have agreed to tighten the rules around Siamese rosewood, a favorite of Cambodia’s

The Guardian: Furniture that destroys forests: crack down on ‘rampant’ trade in rosewood

By Damian Carrington — Cites summit moves to protect the world’s most trafficked wild product by placing all 300 species of the tree under trade restrictions Governments have launched a

Huff Post: Fighting Climate Change From 36,000 Feet

By Michael Jenkins — A few years from now, every time you squeeze into an airplane seat, you could be helping protect the world’s tropical forests. That’s because the airline

Huff Post Op-Ed: Grow Native Plants: Help birds and eliminate fall garden chores

By David Yarnold — Ruby-throated Hummingbird at a Eupatorium flower. Photo: Carmen Elia/Audubon photography Awards. What’s one thing you can do to help birds and cut down on mowing, pruning

AP: Obama: Oceans Key to Protecting Planet From Climate Change

By KEVIN FREKING – President Barack Obama said Thursday that he created the Atlantic Ocean’s first national monument because the planet cannot be protected without trying to safeguard its oceans. Obama

The Hill Op-Ed: Shut down America’s bird death traps

By David Yarnold — More than a century ago, one of the greatest threats to America’s birds was the fashion industry, which slaughtered as many as 200 million birds every

Huff Post Op-Ed: Puffin Wintering Grounds Need To Be Protected

By David Yarnold, President, National Audubon Society — A long-running mystery in the bird world has been solved: Where do the little clown-faced Atlantic Puffins go when they leave their

Fast Company: India Just Planted Nearly 50 Million Trees In 24 Hours

One of the most important climate change strategies is also the most low-tech. If the trees survive. By Adele Peters – India is home to 10 cities that are smoggier

Green Biz: Audubon’s upward digital journey: CEO David Yarnold

By Elsa Wenzel — The Audubon Society appears to be doing everything right in social media and marketing. It’s got apps, maps, a buzz on social media, an engaging website

Rainforest to Table, el movimiento culinario que busca salvar el Amazonas

Por: Mariana Camacho — Algunos chefs de América Latina participarán en la edición 2016 del Festival de las Ideas de Aspen , el próximo 24 y 25 de junio, para

Fox 8 NO: For the Birds: Audubon LA creates innovative coastal restoration efforts to save its land

(WVUE) – By John Snell — Spring brings a population explosion to Louisiana’s beaches, marshes and swamps from thousands of pelicans building nests on barrier islands to pink roseate spoonbills

Yarnold Op-Ed: How Technology Transformed a Legacy Charity

By David Yarnold — Here’s how I’d describe most nonprofits’ use of technology and communications: old, slow, and ineffectual. And here’s how most tech geeks and communications professionals think nonprofits