Huff Post: BP Settlement Money: No Robbing the Coastal Cookie Jar

By David Yarnold — Thanks to a judge’s ruling, BP finally has to pay for what it broke on the Gulf Coast. And the Gulf states can shift their focus

PNG receiving little finance for forest conservation

Papua New Guinea has been receiving far less finance for forest conservation than most other countries with large tropical forests. That’s the finding from a new report by the NGO,

Greenwire: ‘Broken village’ in La. bayou seeks higher ground

By Abby Kessler, E&E reporter — As the Isle de Jean Charles in southern Louisiana sinks slowly into the Gulf of Mexico, a group of Native Americans who have inhabited

Peace agreements often ignore natural resources, report finds

By Shreya Dasgupta — Ceasefire or peace agreements rarely cover terms about natural resources and vulnerable populations in a meaningful, comprehensive way, a new report has found, often causing conflicts

Huff Post/Audubon: Crowdsourcing Science in Just 15 Minutes

By David Yarnold, President, National Audubon Society — How has the most powerful El Niño in nearly two decades and the extraordinary weather patterns it spawned this winter affected birds?

Reuters Q&A: How citizen scientists are transforming conservation

In this piece, we hear from the head of one of the oldest and most respected conservation groups on the planet about how technology, citizen science and new models for

Baton Rouge Advocate: River should be harnessed for restoration

By Jeff Hebert and David Muth — The recent opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway is a dramatic reminder of our region’s precarious relationship with water and the responsibility and opportunity

BR Advocate Ed: Long-term plan for coastal diversion projects

Editorial – When Mother Nature gives you an opportunity, you’ve got to be in position to take advantage of it. Now, with the Mississippi River hitting its crest in January, another Missing the Peace for the Trees

BY ARTHUR BLUNDELL, EMILY HARWELL — Natural resources play a role in nearly half of the world’s conflicts, but when it comes to ending wars, they’re almost always forgotten. It has

Huff Post: Why Each of Us Can Make a Difference in the Clean Energy Future

By David Yarnold — As the need for renewable energy becomes more pressing, some of the fiercest duels in the West are now being fought over where to put power lines,

Wash Post: Draft climate deal offers balanced plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions

By Joby Warrick and Chris Mooney — LE BOURGET, France — Diplomats from 196 countries prepared to vote Saturday on a far-reaching climate accord that seeks to halt the rapid growth

NY Times: Delegates at Climate Talks Focus on Saving the World’s Forests

By JUSTIN GILLIS — LE BOURGET, France — The climate deal being negotiated here is meant to begin a transformation of the world’s energy systems, but it has another goal that