Louisiana History: The Dethroning Of Edwin Edwards

LaHistory: The Dethroning Of EWE by Jeremy Alford and Sarah Gamard
LaHistory: The Dethroning Of EWE

October 24, 2017 By Jeremy Alford and Sarah Gamard

Forgive us for indulging in this trip down memory lane, but it was an important moment for both Louisiana and some of the principles at SSG…

It was 30 years ago today (Oct. 24, 1987) that three-term Gov. Edwin Edwards lost his throne to then-Congressman Buddy Roemer.

Technically, Edwards didn’t lose anything. He advanced to the runoff besides Roemer, although trailing 33 percent 27 to percent.

What Edwards did do, however, was resign from the race. That was a better option than getting tossed by voters.

EWE made his decision known that evening, to a crowd of “weeping family and friends,” according to The New York Times.

Here’s a snapshot of the following day, via The Shreveport Times:

Gov.-elect Buddy Roemer, obviously weary, returned to his new home Sunday for a day’s rest, reminding cheering backers that he’s not making the state’s decisions yet. The 4th District congressman said he will return to Washington next week to vote on some budget matters and then, for roughly a 10-day period, will “make a loop around the state to talk and to answer questions.” As governor, Roemer must face an estimated $500 million accumulated state deficit and find out if the state can pay back $280 million Edwards borrowed last August to make ends meet through the election.

Want more? Here’s one of Roemer’s campaign commercials from that election cycle: