LNG Industry: G2 and Maius announce financial advisory agreement

by Lydia Woellwarth, Deputy Editor
LNG Industry, Thursday, 10 December 2020 09:55

G2 Net-Zero LNG (G2) and Maius GmbH (Maius) today announced that G2 has engaged Maius to act as G2’s international finance advisor.

G2 Net-Zero LNG, a venture of Chas Roemer Innovations, is based in Louisiana, US, and is building the world’s first LNG export and industrial gas production complex promising net-zero carbon emissions from upstream to dockside by as early as 2027.

By 2027, the complete facility is projected to produce 13 million tpy of LNG, over 1000 MW of electricity and will capture up to 4 million t of CO2. The project requires an investment of up to US$10.5 billion in two phases. The first phase of approximately US$1.2 billion does not require regulatory approval by FERC, allowing for an accelerated project development schedule and early revenues.

G2 is being advised by Maius, a Swiss structuring and project finance advisor, on its financial structure and risk mitigation. Maius specialises in providing customised financial services that support industrial projects and facilitate their growth and expansion. The company has a well-established expertise in integrating insurers with financiers to reduce and share the risk, allowing for a significant reduction in the project’s risk and cost.

“Our engagement with Maius is one more step forward in our promise to provide the world market with the clean LNG it is demanding,” said Chas Roemer, Chairman of G2 Net-Zero LNG. “Maius will make sure we’re working with financial partners who are as committed as we are to the international goal of access to clean and affordable energy in every part of the globe.”

Without the burden of existing expensive and outdated infrastructure costs, and coupled with a burgeoning world energy market that is demanding net-zero emissions by 2050, G2 stands to be one of the cleanest and most profitable LNG projects in the world by the late 2020’s.

“It is a great pleasure to work with G2 on this pivotal and world’s first net-zero green LNG project. We are immensely proud to be part of this project and what it promises for a greener future. This project also proves that traditional energy sources will play a vital role in the transition to a green economy. We will be working closely with their executives to create and tailor innovative solutions to source private international debt and equity financing to suit and support their ambitious and innovative plans for growth and mar-ket impact,” said Maius’ CEO Stefan M. Rohmer.

“Maius’ reputation in the international financial world is unequalled. At the core of G2 is our commitment to the principles of strong environmental, social and governance practices, and we aggressively seek out partners – like Maius – who care as much about our environment and communities as our profitability,” said G2’s Chief Executive Officer, Angele Davis. “Maius has a proven ability to bring their clients a wide variety of potential private debt and equity partners, allowing G2 to find the right fit for our objectives and ambitions.”

Nash Sanderson