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Case Study
SSG worked directly with the White House, Fortune 500 corporate executives and Major League Baseball communicators to counsel on the appropriate verbiage and tone of national advertising and PR in the wake of 9/11, advising more sensitive, inspirational and positive messaging that would soothe and unite Americans.  For example, SSG was immediately part of MLB's strategic team which determined how the league and clubs should deal with the game’s return. Every MLB franchise celebrated our patriotism by introducing "God Bless America" to the 7th inning of every game; police, fire fighters, and emergency responders were recognized at New York and area games; and, a number of teams across the country wore caps honoring NYC police, firefighters, and emergency workers. MLB Commissioner Allan H. "Bud" Selig talked regularly with President George W. Bush during the days after 9/11 because both knew the significant meaning and symbolism the National Pastime had with all Americans.