Nash Sanderson

Vice President 

Nash works with Sanderson Strategies Group principals to help determine business strategies for corporate leaders, create comprehensive reports for professional sports organizations, and built digital content for both Sanderson Strategies Group and its clients

In his eight years living in Chicago, Nash received a degree in communication from DePaul, a degree in sound design from Columbia College, and studied improvisation, writing and performing at the Second City Training Center.  This diverse educational background has given him the chance to hone his interpersonal and problem-solving skills, chief amongst them his ability to improvise under pressure. Whether it be in the newsroom of DePaulia, on a film set at Columbia, or on stage at the Second City, Nash learned how to not only survive but thrive when the heat is on.

“I love finding creative ways to introduce contemporary touchstones – humor, music, art –into solid strategic planning; it can often be the difference between making a brand simply respected or making it loved.”