Reuters: Peru’s deadly floods ring alarm bell for Latin America cities

Surging urban populations across cities in Latin America - a result of mass migration from rural to urban areas - make them vulnerable to floods.

Victory for forests: Rosewood gets enhanced protection at wildlife summit

Shreya Dasgupta — All rosewood species that belong to Dalbergia genus have been placed under CITES protection in an attempt to clampdown on the billion-dollar illegal rosewood trade. The multi-billion-dollar

Rare Wood Rules Tightened; to What Avail?

BY ZSOMBOR PETER — Delegates at a major international conference to regulate the trade of endangered species have agreed to tighten the rules around Siamese rosewood, a favorite of Cambodia’s

The Guardian: Furniture that destroys forests: crack down on ‘rampant’ trade in rosewood

By Damian Carrington — Cites summit moves to protect the world’s most trafficked wild product by placing all 300 species of the tree under trade restrictions Governments have launched a

Huff Post: Fighting Climate Change From 36,000 Feet

By Michael Jenkins — A few years from now, every time you squeeze into an airplane seat, you could be helping protect the world’s tropical forests. That’s because the airline

Nat Geo: Chefs See an Olympic Opportunity for Rainforest Preservation

Showcasing the unique foods of the Amazon this month, Brazilian chefs draw attention to the value of saving rainforest culture. By April Fulton – There are thousands of fruits, vegetables,

Fast Company: India Just Planted Nearly 50 Million Trees In 24 Hours

One of the most important climate change strategies is also the most low-tech. If the trees survive. By Adele Peters – India is home to 10 cities that are smoggier

Rainforest to Table, el movimiento culinario que busca salvar el Amazonas

Por: Mariana Camacho — Algunos chefs de América Latina participarán en la edición 2016 del Festival de las Ideas de Aspen , el próximo 24 y 25 de junio, para